These workshops are perfect for anyone who thinks they aren’t creative – they are so much fun, as well as a really positive experience.   They are for small groups of two or three people, so you get heaps of attention.  Enjoy a brand new Melbourne experience!

If you are an absolute beginner – you’ll love the beginners workshops – there are several to choose from.  Everything is included in all of my workshops – no hidden costs whatsoever.  Come along with a friend (for a discount).  See you soon.

Jewellery workshop with Jenie Yolland
Beginners Plate Making Workshop with Jenie Yolland
Heart Workshop with Jenie Yolland
Coaster Workshop with Jenie Yolland
Play Again Workshop Level 2
French Meadow platter workshop with Jenie Yolland
Poppy Plate Day
Woven-look glass bowl workshop
Seasonal workshop

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