Interesting leaf shaped plate in beige and burgundy


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This interesting leaf shaped plate was inspired by the leaves on our very own eucalyptus trees.  The base glass piece is beige and the fabulously fun marks on the leaf are burgundy art glass made with a special technique called Vitigraph. This art glass leaf can be used as any type of serving dish that suits your needs.

Other sizes you can enjoy:

If you’d like this design in a different size or a matching coaster set or any combination of all of these, please feel free to ask me: these are the basic sizes that I create regularly, of course I’m always happy to make new sizes on request:

  • My coaster sets are mostly 10x10cms each in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 – 3.9″ x 3.9″each;
  • 20×20cm plates – 8″ x 8″;
  • 25x25cm plates – 10″x10″;
  • 30x30cms plates –11 ¾″ x 11 ¾″;
  • 20x35cms – 8″x 14″; .
  • 40x40cms – 16×16″;
  • 17cmx53cms – 7″x21″ which fits a French baguette perfectly.
  • 33cmsx44cms –13″x 17″.

Postage & Packaging:

Naturally, I will gift wrap your new centrepiece and post it anywhere worldwide so it’ll be a lovely surprise for your relatives living somewhere else.  They will love receiving a gift that hasn’t been mass produced but lovingly created by an artist in Australia.

Each glass creation is double bubble-wrapped before going into its box, which in itself is then double bubble wrapped.  For over 15 years now, my glass works have arrived safely to all sorts of locations, all over the planet.

More reading:

If you are interested in the inspiration behind my designs here’s the link:

© Jenie Yolland



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Dimensions 25 x 45 x 10 cm






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