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Unleash your inner creativity at one of Jenie Yolland’s fascinating glass art workshops and classes. Learn the craft of glass fusing and slumping from one of Australia’s leading glass art makers.  Create your very own glass art gift for yourself or a friend. Bookings for every workshop is essential. No experience necessary, fun guaranteed!

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Browse this wonderful gallery of glass art created by Jenie Yolland.  Discover the array of gifts to suit your home decor or just your sense of style! Every item is a unique piece of hand crafted just for you. Maybe buy a gift voucher for a friend who would love to attend a workshop or to own their very own unique piece of kilnformed glass.


Learn everything you ever wanted to know about glass art, slumping & fusing here in Jenie Yolland’s fascinating blog. Read about how glass is made, what goes into creating her stories.  You can delve into the role of colour and maybe even get inspired yourself! She’s always discovering other art forms and loves sharing the stories from other artistic mediums as well. There’s always something interesting to read and stories to share.


Read about Jenie Yolland, one of Australia’s leading glass art creators, and her 20 year journey to capture the beauty of our world using glass slumping and fusing. You can see the world map where her pieces have been sent.  As well as the galleries where you can purchase her works.  The craft of creating beautiful objets d’art in glass is her passion, which you can share at her workshops and classes, or just by choosing your very own piece of art glass.

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