Jenie can’t wait to share her passion for glass art with you – that’s why her workshops are so popular.

Together, we will unleash your creativity in our small safe friendly Richmond studio.    Come to a workshop and escape into a world of creativity and possibilities.  This is truly a “feel good” experience!      You’ll be so pleased you came.

See you soon ….

Making this was so much fun


Unleash your inner creativity at one of Jenie Yolland’s fabulous glass art workshops. Learn about fusing and slumping from one of Australia’s leading glass artists.  Create your very own glass art gift for yourself or a friend. Bookings for every workshop is essential. No experience necessary!

Green and white modern elegant art glass platter "Forest Mist"

shop glass art

Browse this wonderful gallery of glass art created by Jenie Yolland in her Richmond studio.  Discover a vast array of gifts to suit your home decor and your sense of style!  Surprise a friend with a unique piece of glass art for their wedding or special birthday.  Commissions are always welcome.


If you want – you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about glass art,  fusing and slumping here in Jenie Yolland’s fascinating blog.  She also talks about people who inspire her and shares her ideas of wonderful wallpaper pictures (only on Wednesdays). Enjoy this blog – its a fun read.

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